The Truth About Face Oil

An oil isn’t necessarily greasy. Does that sound odd? And yet, an oil can be dry! It’s even a very common ingredient in cosmetics. To obtain this non-greasy effect, esters are added to the pure oil. Don’t worry, these esters are natural (derived from a plant or fruit) when it’s about certified organic cosmetics. Be careful, if it’s a conventional or non certified organic product, it is often... petroleum! 

No to imperfections!

You think oil clogs the pores and greases the skin! Well, no! If you have skin imperfections, you may find a definitive solution to your problems by turning to oils. Often, you are in a vicious circle: you scrub your skin because it is greasy and has pimples. But the opposite must be done: nourishing it to slow down the production of sebum (a kind of natural oil!), which it produces in quantity when you skin feels damaged.

No to wrinkles!

Oils for face are developing more and more on the market of the cosmetics. Products with argan oil are the best known because it’s a precious oil that offer really amazing results! This time, however, it’s better to apply it in the evening: your skin regenerates at night.The day, prefer a light cream if you want your make-up to stay longer.

Yes to an easy removing make-up!

Removing make-up with oil, another of our wacky ideas? Not at all ! Let us start with a simple observation: have you ever seen your mascara flowing on your lower eyelids? The answer is yes, because the process is natural: the fat (in this case, the sebum) dissolves the make-up and other pigments. So ​​using oil to remove make-up is not so strange! 

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